Zero Net Energy Technician has the general knowledge of many variations of renewable energies. The technician can serve as a liaison between building stakeholders and a specialized technician or can continue to pursue a specialized credential. Zero Net Energy Technicians (ZNET) and building stakeholders work in a team environment, coordinating maintenance schedules, mechanical and electrical breakdowns. Together they verify that the building systems are working within the design conditions. This introductory certificate focuses on key factors involving design of Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings and maintenance. ZNE building design process is explained. Students will learn the fundamentals of the ZNE building design through each step of design and construction process - from predesign to occupancy and operations. Operation and proper maintenance of the energy systems which include, HVAC, Solar, lighting and envelope are analyzed in depth.

Course Class Credits Course Outline Course Schedule
ESYS 001 Introduction to the Power Industry 3
ESYS 002 Electricity and Electrical Theory 3
ARCH 002 Materials Of Construction 4
ACR 075 HVACR Systems Design 3
ACR 077 Energy Conservation Methods for HVACR 3