The Building & Energy Systems Professional Associate of Science Degree is developed to offer students a broad overview of the energy conservation industry and includes cross-disciplinary courses in Energy Systems, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Architecture, Computer Information Systems, and Building Inspection Technology. The completion of the Building & Energy Systems Professional AS degree is especially advantageous for the student who has the goal of obtaining a leadership position. Electives are selected to support a concentration on industry specialties. Students will have the option to focus on particular energy sectors by choosing from various depths of study: Solar Systems, Building Control Systems, Building Commissioning, Advanced Lighting Systems, or Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Technician. The student may choose their elective based on their immediate energy educational needs and goals. The student may also continue completing additional elective courses, combining other defined degrees within the ZNE industry. Students will have the technical background that can lead to multiple industry-recognized credentials and careers as an Energy Auditor, Energy Consultant, ZNE Technician, Green HVAC Technician, Facility Management, Construction Management and Solar Residential Technician.

Required Classes

Course Class Credits
ESYS-004 Industrial Calculatons 3
ESYS-005 Zero Net Energy Building Science 4
BIT-024 California Energy Codes 3
ARCH-011 Architectural Blueprint Reading 3
AIS-012 Professional Office Procedures 3
ESYS-095A Energy Systems Technology Work Experience 1


Building Automation Control
Building Commissioning Technician
Building Energy Consultant
Building Inspection Technology
Lighting and Controls Technology
Residential Solar Certificate
Power Generation and Distribution
Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Technology
Commercial Gas Heating
Facilities Operations Technician
Green HVAC Commercial
Green HVAC Residential
Heat Pumps
Residential Gas Heating