The Air Conditioning/HVACR program is a well established curriculum and has long served the desert community by providing highly trained individuals to work in various businesses throughout the Coachella Valley. The program offers a Certificate and Associate of Science degree for employment preparation that is designed to provide a wide range of courses in order to best serve student needs. In addition, required courses listed in the program are derived from the collaboration and dedicated efforts of members of a Technical Advisory Committee and other individuals’ experiences in the specific occupational areas. For more information please call (760) 568-3238. Advisor: George Brown

Required Classes

Core Classes

Course Class Credits
ACR-060 Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration I 3
ACR-061 Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration II 3
ACR-064 Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Electrical I 3
ACR-065 Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Electrical II 3
ACR-075 HVAC/R System Design 3
ACR-076 Facilities Maintenance/ Chillers 3
ACR-078 Safe Refrigerant Management 3
ACR-080 Gas Heating 3
ACR-083 All Weather Systems 3


Course Class Credits
ACR-077 Energy Conservation Methods 3
ACR-95A-D ACR Work Experience 1-4
ARCH-011 Architectural Blueprint Reading 3
Auto-18 Auto Heating and Air Conditioning 4
BIT- 010 California Building Codes 4
BIT-020 California Mechanical Codes 2
BUAC-20A Financial Accounting 4
BUAC-66 Fundamentals of Bookkeeping 3
BUMA-20A Business Law 3
BUMA-28 Small Business Management 3
BUMA-31 Business Calculations 3
BUMA-94 Business Communications 3
CIS-10 Computer Literacy 4
ESYS-001 Introduction to the Power Industry 3
ESYS-002 Electricity and Electrical Theory 3
ESYS-003 Energy Systems Technology 3
ESYS-004 Industrial Calculatons 3
WELD-10 Oxy-Acetylene Gas Welding 3
WELD-11 Shielded Metal Arc Welding 3
WELD-12 Basic Gas Metal Arch Welding 3