The Plant Science program offers two degree options allowing students to prepare for career opportunities or transfer to a four-year university. The Associate of Science Degree in Plant Science for employment preparation provides instruction in a wide array of career opportunities in horticulture, agronomic and other related fields. These careers also include many areas that support these industries such as landscape irrigation, water management, soil science and conservation, agricultural biology, entomology, environmental protection of water, farmlands, open spaces, and landscaped areas.

The Associate of Science Degree in Plant Science for transfer is intended for students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree in Plant Science, Horticulture or related major at a California State University (CSU) campus. Students who complete this degree will receive priority admission with junior status to the CSU system but not a particular campus or major. The program prepares students for a career as a plant scientist, agriculture teacher, biotechnologist, agronomist or crop scientist, turf manager, farm manager, weed scientist, entomologist, nursery manager, garden specialist, researcher, or landscape manager.

Required Classes

Course Class Credits
AGPS 000 Refer to college catalog page 97 to obtain a list of required courses and credits