The Environmental Horticulture Associate of Science degree is for the student with the goal of having a career as a nursery manager, pest control advisor, arborist, plant breeder, or landscape contractor. This degree offers students broad instruction in the design, construction, and maintenance of landscapes, nursery practices, and management of large turf areas. Electives are selected to support a concentration on industry specialties. Students will have the technical background that can lead to multiple industry-recognized credentials and careers in landscape management and construction, pest control, sales of fertilizer and horticulture supplies, irrigation equipment supply and sales, and plant material sales. Students may also continue completing additional elective courses, combining other defined certificates within the Agriculture or continue their education toward a baccalaureate or advanced degree in Environmental Horticulture or related major.

Required Classes

Course Class Credits
AGEH 000 Refer to college catalog page 97 to obtain a list of required courses and credits


Environmental Horticulture
Arborist Technician
Landscape and Irrigation Technician
Pest Management Technician